The Adaptive Body and the Reactive Body

Article 3

It is common for every baby to be born with various forms of toxic substances within their body chemistry. The reason for this is, for nine months, the blood of the baby is the same as the blood of the mother. It would be great if there were some type of filtering system in the umbilical cord between the mother and the child. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist. Therefore the chemicals, metals, unusable food wastes and all toxic substances that are found in the mother’s blood, are found in the blood of the fetus, as well as accumulating in the baby’s newly formed liver.

The only positive side of this issue is that it is forcing the baby’s body to develop certain coping mechanisms, or adaptations that make it possible to exist on such a toxic planet.

As the baby’s body develops into childhood, the vitality of youth gives it the ability to react to the toxic substances that accumulated before and after birth. As the body reacts, it stirs and releases these toxic substances from tissue storage sites. Through these reactions, the child’s body transitions through cycles of what we call childhood diseases. Each of these diseases is a reactive process where the body shifts into a cleansing mode for waste removal. These cleansing cycles prepare the child’s body for the maximum growth cycle. As we observe all of the childhood diseases, we can see that each one is nothing more than the body’s attempt to cleanse itself. To clearly see that each one of these childhood diseases really is a self-cleansing attempt, consider how every one of them affects the organs of elimination or the lymphatic system. Some conditions cause skin irritations, others cause congested and inflamed lymph glands, or diarrhea, colds, or congestion. Additional complications occur as bacteria and viruses come to dine on the excess amount of toxic food residues that are present during these reactions. In time, as the body grows into maturity, it becomes less reactive as it has developed various coping mechanisms. It then makes the transition into what can be referred to as the adaptive body. The adaptive body is less vital. This transition has occurred because the body is no longer as reactive and capable of cleansing itself. In other words, the body adapt to higher levels of internal and external toxic wastes as the brilliance of the body makes it possible for us to survive under conditions that should destroy us.

A good example of the body’s adaptive abilities can be seen by watching a blister develop on your hands when digging with a shovel. The blister is a barrier that the body forms to protect the deeper tissue that is being irritated. In time, as the friction continues against the same tissue, the body’s adaptive abilities develop a protective shield we call a callous. This callous is a coping mechanism developed to allow the body continued exposure to irritation without adverse effects of such exposure. The body is, in this case, adapting to its environment. The more exposure the body has to harshness and irritation, the more adaptive it becomes.

Generally in life, after years of excess exposure to harshness, the body develops many levels of adaption. Much of this is at the level of our body chemistry, as it is forced to shut down some of the less essential metabolic functions. An ideal example of the completely adaptive body is a person between 70 and 80 years of age whose body has basically shut down all non-essential functions and, for the most part; is only existing. This is truly an adaptive body.

The average adult who begins to follow the 35 For Life program, must be aware of the changes and reactions they will experience as they begin to reverse the lifetime accumulation of toxic substances from the body. By doing this work, they support the body in such a way that it begins to release these protective mechanisms, and begins to regain its reactive abilities. A reactive, healthy body is the goal of everyone who wants to create optimal health. When we raise the vitality of the body, it then has the energy to react and rid itself of the accumulated waste and toxic materials. As the body returns to its natural reactive state, one may feel very uncomfortable, especially if they are inconsistent in following the program. To illustrate this, picture what it would be like if your body’s intelligence develops the confidence in you. The innate wisdom of your body trusts that you will be consistent in following every step of this program. Let’s say that you have been very consistent for about three weeks. In anticipation of your continuing to do your part, the body is doing everything it can to reverse the toxic accumulations. Then during the fourth week you skip a Detox Spa. The toxins have been released from tissue storage in anticipation of the further release through your skin, but they remain trapped in your blood stream and lymphatic system. Is it clear now, why you would feel like you were being mildly poisoned?

This entire program is a system that is designed according to exact principles, to fully support the intelligence of the body in accomplishing what is necessary to transform the adaptive adult body back into the reactive, healthy body of youth. Following the program completely will greatly reduce the amount of time it will take to achieve the results you desire.

This information should answer some of your concerns regarding sensitivities and the reactions you may experience. Remember, there aren’t any real mysteries in the body. Everything is very logical and simple. By consistently doing the work you need to do every day, you will prove that it isn’t necessary to give into the fears of degenerative disease.