Who is Dr. Mick Hall


 Dr. Mick Hall is a Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Divinity, researcher, and a specialist in Human Biorestorology. Rather than being a licensed physician, Dr. Hall chose to dedicate forty years of his life to discovering the real causes for the development of human disease, and the most effective, and simplest methods for correcting these causes. Dr. Hall now uses these discoveries to teach others how to create great health in place of creating disease.

Dr. Hall received extensive training in Darkfield Microscopy and HLB Blood Studies during the two years he was Directing the American Metabolic Institute; a cancer clinic in Mexico. His training in Tissue Mineral Evaluation and interpretation was through Analytical Research Labs. In Phoenix, Arizona. He learned Fluid Chemistry evaluation from Dr. Howard Loomis. He received instruction and received IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Certification from Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Hall earned his Doctorate in Naturopathy from Trinity Collage of Natural Health, and his Doctor of Divinity through the Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary. The heart of Dr. Hall’s studies has been his personal research, where he performed tens of thousands of individual Health Screens throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. 

Over the past 30 years, as Dr. Hall discovered solutions for the health problems he was helping people to overcome, he built these solutions into a line of personally designed products he calls: The Body Chemistry Support System. Over time, this program has evolved into a simplified system that works consistently with every person. In place of temporarily relieving a symptom, which is the goal of most medical and natural treatments, the Body Chemistry Support System supports the innate wisdom of your body to normalize function and to heal itself. The absolute goal for the system Dr. Hall has developed is to assist you in creating a quality of health where disease cannot even exist.

Dr. Mick Hall

Dr. Mick Hall

We Are Here To Assure Your Success

Dr. Mick Hall

We Truly Care About Your Health


It is our mission to help you understand the principles that dictate every function of your body and every circumstance of your life.

The greater value of teaching a person to fish, rather than giving him a fish, is a piece of wisdom that has been handed down through the ages. When it comes to the well-being of your body, the solutions we offer are the epitome of "teaching a person to fish."

Dr. Mick Hall

Natural Healing

 The present climate within the health and disease industry can have the tendency of making a person feel too much like a piece of meat in a shark's tank. This helpless, vulnerable feeling is generated by a serious void of usable information. If you had this valuable information, you would know exactly how to create the level of health that would make the development of disease impossible. 

Dr. Mick Hall

Where Do I Begin??

                      The Body Chemistry Support System (BCSS):

   The foundation for all degenerative disease is established in our bodies by the time we reach 20 years of age: this is an alarming fact that must be understood by everyone who would prefer to avoid developing degenerative disease.

· By the age of 20, our intestinal tracts are sluggish and recycling putrefied, acidic waste. 

· Since about 70% of our immune system originates in the intestinal tract, our immune systems are compromised, due to the imbalance of the intestinal flora and the toxic condition of the colon.

· From a lifetime use of vegetable oils (knowingly and unknowingly), and a general deficiency of Vitamin C, our arteries have a build up of oxidized arterial plaque, as well as the gallbladder being full of arterial plaque particles and masses. This physical blockage inhibits the liver’s ability to release the waste removed from our blood, reducing the liver’s ability to keep the blood clean. 

· The recycling of toxic, acidic waste from the colon, on top of an overwhelmed liver that is incapable of keeping the blood clean, causes the lymphatic system to start stagnating with acidic, cellular waste. This pattern is the foundation of aging and all degenerative disease, and if this foundation doesn’t get corrected, it is just a matter of time until a person develops a degenerative disease. 

   Rather than treating the hundreds of symptoms that develop as a result of the four issues mentioned above, do you see why the only real solution is to correct these causal problems? It is for this reason that the greatest cure in the world is almost worthless, because a “cure” only removes the end-resulting effect, while all levels of cause remain: guaranteeing that the symptom or the disease will return.

   The Body Chemistry Support System was developed as a result of 40 years of dedicated research and development. This System doesn’t treat disease. The BCSS, supports the innate wisdom of the body to accomplish what it is already trying to do: to heal all damages and to normalize all chemistry functions throughout the body. We offer Body Chemistry Support in the form of two BCSS kits and two cleansing kits: The Basic BCSS, The Complete BCSS, The 6-Day Biofilm Cleanse, and The 21-Day Intensive Cleanse. 

   There are two things every person has to do in order to truly become healthy: every person must reverse a lifetime accumulation of body waste, and create enough energy to heal a lifetime accumulation of body damage. This is the work our programs can assist you in accomplishing. Everyone should begin with the Basic program. As you become proficient with this level, continue on with the Complete BCSS. After feeling comfortable with the Complete BCSS, you should then do a 6-Day Biofilm Flush. After returning to the Complete BCSS for another month, it would be good to repeat the 6-Day Biofilm flush to be sure to clear the biofilms from your intestinal tract that are responsible for H pylori and Candida. From there, doing a 21-Day Intensive Cleanse every 6 months will make sure that you achieve all of your health goals.

   Below are the products that make up The Body Chemistry Support System. Dr. Hall has taken nearly 30 years to evolve the formulas for these products to where they are today. The greatest complement we hear from people using our products is: “These formulas work!”

Primagest: Before Meal Digestive Enzyme is the first priority in creating better health. Take 2 Primagest capsules with every meal to enhance your presently compromised digestion. If the meal is mostly cooked, it will be wise to take an extra Primagest. An extra Primagest or two is never wasted, because, if you do happen to take more than is required to complete the digestion of your meal, the balance will move into your blood stream to either help clean your blood, or at the very least, will be converted, and added to your body's metabolic enzyme pool, thereby enhancing your body's life force.

The Baltone Trio needs to be taken twice daily to enhance the intestinal tract's efforts to accomplish three vital, normalizing functions. It needs to be capable of pulling a large volume of water deep into the intestinal tract for lubrication, so fecal waste is more easily transported through this tube. The intestinal tract needs a fiber blend that provides a strong enough structure to be used as a mild scrubbing brush to sweep and clean old waste from this generally stagnated organ; and lastly, this fiber combination needs to have enough volume to allow the muscular sleeve of the intestinal tract to tone and rebuild itself, thereby reducing its circumference by eliminating the volume of waste it holds. The Baltone Trio consists of Baltone (fiber blend), Nutri-Dophilus (friendly bacteria), and Ozonated Magnesium (gently enhance movement)

The Detox Spa is definitely one of the very highest priorities of Body Chemistry Support.
Since the skin is the body's largest organ of elimination, it only makes sense to use it wisely to eliminate as much waste as possible through this organ. Most adults no longer work hard out in the sun producing large volumes of perspiration, and because most adults generally don't engage in sufficient physical activities, the body's natural ability to eliminate large amounts of poison from the blood and lymph is greatly inhibited. Taking two Detox Spa Baths each week will allow your body to release a large amount of toxic metals, chemicals, and acid waste, easing the burden from your liver.


Essential Light Complete  The Essential Light is not only a whole-food meal replacement, but it’s the easiest to assimilate multi-Vitamin/Mineral supplement available.

Two tablespoons each day will deliver a concentration of nutrition that would be very difficult to get from diet and normal supplementation. Each serving delivers Pea Protein, Brewer’s Yeast, Amla: Indian Gooseberry (a whole food Vitamin C), Moringa, Rice Solubles, Sunflower Lecithin, Mineral extract from Goat Whey, Kelp, and Horsetail Herbal Extract. To buffer the taste of these concentrated nutrients, we created a flavor blend with D-Ribose, FOS, organic Vanilla, Pineapple, and peppermint, which will also boost your ATP production for cellular energy and enhance your intestinal flora. Each bottle contains 30 servings.

Magnesium Chloride Electro-mins The human body is basically a large organism of water and minerals. 99.85% of the mass of the human body is made up of eleven elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. Although the quantity of magnesium is the least of these eleven major elements, its absence is the most common reason for a long list of human health disorders.

as common as a magnesium deficiency is, basically, every body is also quite deficient of the trace minerals. Magnesium Chloride Electro-mins is a quart bottle of high quality, liquid trace minerals that also provides a month’s supply of Magnesium Chloride.

Omega 3 It is difficult to get enough healthy Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. These Essential Fatty Acids provide great benefits for the whole body, but prioritize brain function and reducing inflammatory patterns throughout the body.

Body Chemistry Support System Kits


Basic Kit retails for $205.85 (20% discount)    $164.68

(Consisting of: Primagest, Baltone Trio, Essential Light Complete,  8 Detox spas and 6 tbsp of magnesium hydroxide for gallbladder flushes).

Complete Kit retails for $270.75 (20% discount)    $216.60

Consisting of: Primagest, BaltoneTrio,  8 Detox spas,

Essential Light Complete, Omega 3 fish oil, and Magnesium Chloride with electro minerals ).

35 For Life Cleanses:

Six-Day Biofilm Cleanse retails for $87.15  (10% discount)  $78.44

(Consisting of: Baltone 11.5oz Trio Plus Mastic gum, Exclzyme 54 caps, 3 detox spa

And erythritol / xylitol mix).

21 Day Intensive Cleanse retails for $514.54 (30% discount) $360.18

(Consisting of: Baltone Trio, Essential Light Complete, Magnesium Chloride, Asparagus Liver and Kidney, 

Exclzyme, Parasite tincture, Detox Relief, Magnesium Citrate, Ozonated Magnesium, Primagest, 

Omega 3, Xylitol / Erythritol, and 9 Detox spa’s).

Educating yourself is the most important step in truly taking responsibility for your health.


Dr. Mick Hall

Dr. Mick Hall


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I’m Basically Healthy… So Why Do I Have The Feeling That Something Just Isn’t Quite Right?

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The Treatment of Symptoms Versus Body Chemistry Support

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The Treatment of Symptoms Versus Body Chemistry Support

The Treatment of Symptoms Versus Body Chemistry Support

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