How Long Will the Journey Take?

Article 4

 It’s just our nature, but before embarking on any journey, its seems like the first question that pops into our minds is, “How long will the journey take?”

The first phase of any journey is deciding where it is you want to go. When planning your journey toward health. There are three important destinations you need to consider. Is there a condition to be eliminated, or is there a higher standard of life that you are seeking? Or maybe your desire is to never experience the humiliations of debilitating old age. Let’s consider all three of these destinations.

If a diagnosable disease has already developed, you’ll want to eliminate this condition as soon as possible. To accomplish this, you have several choices. The primary role of a traditional medical doctor is to diagnose and treat disease with medical drugs, surgery and any other form of treatment that has been approved by the orthodox medical establishment. The medical establishment offers an almost miraculous emergency and “accident correctional facility.” But when it comes to degenerative diseases or the long-term breakdown in the quality of health; drugs and surgery have little to offer. When your desire is to improve the quality of health and reverse degeneration, you have no choice but to learn the principles that will allow you to restore the quality of health you have lost. At the same time you are restoring your lost health, there are many very powerful natural therapies available to speed your restoration process. It’s just a matter of researching these treatments and following what feels best for you. The good news about these treatments though is that they truly follow the philosophy of Hippocrates: they first do no harm!

Whether your desire is to overcome a diagnosed disease, improve the quality of your life, or avoid the horrors of debilitating old age, the only difference in the length of your journey is the degree your health has already been destroyed, and how motivated you are in accomplishing the work that required to get you where you want to go?

Since it took decades to bring the quality of your health to the level it presently is, logic dictates that it will take work and time to reverse this destruction. If I were to say that you could enjoy optimum health in a certain number of weeks, of course that wouldn’t be realistic.

Besides my own research, over the past 35 years I have also closely observed what really works and what doesn’t. Of the nearly unlimited numbers of treatments and programs that are available, I can honestly assure you that you will not find another program that works as successfully nor as quickly as the 35 For Life Program to help your body reverse the reasons behind aging and degenerative disease.

While most programs are still only focused on bringing relief to the symptoms of disease, the 35 For Life program is complete enough to assist your body in actually reversing age and degenerative disease at all levels of cause.

Each individual determines for him or herself, the length of time for total reversal. The factors that make this determination is comprised of personal dedication, desire and the willingness to be consistent in following the program. When a person is diligent and consistent in following the program, it is possible to make this reversal within a 3-year period. Less diligence requires more time.

What matters most is to just begin, and to work at a pace that is most comfortable for you. Like a large pile of dirty dishes, the work gets done when you do it!