My name is Teresa Perozzi, and I would like to share with you an experience that I had a couple years ago. Just in case you find yourself feeling in need of hope, maybe my own experience can give you that assurance that there is hope for conditions that seem hopeless.

   After experiencing a progressive number of uncomfortable symptoms for about 10 years. These were symptoms caused by a gluten intolerance, stress, and adrenal exhaustion. Anyhow, my body came to a screeching halt as far as its ability to heal was concerned. This was two and a half years ago. My brain was foggy and I just felt horrible and didn’t know what to do. I tried managing it with diet and by improving my lifestyle habits, but it still got progressively worse due to my stress levels. I eventually went to a medical doctor to have my blood work done. When the results came back my anti-nuclear antibody levels were off the chart: indicating a connective tissue disease, which was considered an autoimmune condition. My GP immediately referred to a Rheumatologist, as my condition was beyond her expertise. My GP was so concerned about me, but I was more concerned about being put on medications that would only load more toxic chemicals into my body, and thereby cause my condition to worsen in the long run.

   Since I don’t really believe in autoimmune diseases, I felt that taking my GP’s advice would lead me down the wrong road. So instead, I wanted to find a way to correct the reason this condition developed in the first place, rather than just treating the symptoms.

   I immediately phoned my mother and discussed everything I had just experienced with my Doctor. We discussed several options. Then my mother reminded me of a Naturopathic Doctor in California that we have known for many years. His name is Dr. Mick Hall. My mother told me about the clinic Dr. Hall had in Southern California. A place where I could go for total detoxification. I phoned his office and made arrangements to go immediately. 

   I was at Dr. Hall’s clinic for 5 days. By the end of day one, my head was clear, and by the end of day five, the pain and reactions to environmental toxins was gone. My body was able to function normally and all of the debilitating issues I was suffering with for so many years were gone. I actually felt rejuvenated. 

Obviously, if I came home and didn’t continue following the program I learned from Dr. Hall, I would have re-created all my same symptoms again, but I followed the simple steps Dr. Hall gave me, and I’m happy to say, I have remained free from those symptoms ever since.


From Farming to A Couple Weeks in Bermuda

        Eight years ago when we bought the farm in Texas, our desire and plans were to develop the best techniques for creating the healthiest soil for growing the healthiest crops. Since we’ve been back, we have continued working toward the same goal. Our long-term goal is to grow as many of our own ingredients as possible. Our farm has a great head start. All of our soil is a beautiful sandy loam soil, which has been found to be the ideal soil to begin with. With winter coming soon, we are working as quickly as we can to finish building a greenhouse. We will have several 55-gallon composters in the greenhouse during the winter preparing organic matter to build the greenhouse soil for next spring.
        On another subject: last year, one of the people that came for a weeklong stay at our Center in Costa Mesa was a former middle weight, world champion boxer from Bermuda. She and her business partner are arranging for me to go to Bermuda this week to give a presentation and work for a couple weeks doing Health Screens. We also just finished working for a week with a friend of this same woman who came to our little emergency Center here in Texas.
        The Body Chemistry Support System has only recently evolved to the point where I feel it is powerful enough to accomplish what I have dreamed of for 30 years. It has also become simplified to the point where anyone can follow it on a daily basis. So, now I feel I am finally ready to present the Body Chemistry Support System to the world. The BCSS can soon be considered an “overnight success” now that the 27 years that it took to complete it is behind us.
        If you know anyone in Bermuda, I will be speaking at The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute Thursday November 14th at 7:30pm reservations 441-209-0204
Dr. Mick Hall

Janice is waiting to assist you with all your health needs. 714-485-2299


Tuesday Evening Class

Next week we will be doing the Biofilm Cleanse. There isn’t a higher priority for anyone’s health than to make sure the intestinal tract is clear of toxic waste and biofilms, and that the bacterial balance is corrected.

We have generally been conditioned to believe that diarrhea is a bad thing. Yet, during the Biofilm Cleanse, diarrhea is quite common: which is a thorough method of cutting mucus from the intestinal tract and making sure that all accumulated waste gets swept out, while rebalancing the intestinal flora.

Beyond a thorough flushing and rebalancing of the intestinal tract, every person needs to understand clearly how to totally detoxify the entire body.

All forms of disease are made up of six substances: chemicals, toxic metals, dead tissue cells, unusable food residue, mucus, and acid waste. If you were to remove all of this waste completely from your body, it would be impossible to develop any sort of disease.

Among the many types of treatment available for reversing the symptoms of disease, without a thorough understanding of how to remove this waste from your body, you will need to continue having your yearly checkups so you will know when you have finally developed the disease you were dreading.

There is definitely a better way! When you understand the principles of health, and how to remove the substances degenerative disease is made of, you will know, without evaluations, the exact condition of your body. You will also know how to create a level of health where disease cannot even exist.

Let’s get together Tuesday evening and discuss the simplified blueprint for such an accomplishment.

This Cleanse retails for $82.15, but between now and next Tuesday evening (for anyone who wants to begin a few days later), we are giving a 20% discount on this cleanse kit, so you only pay: $65.72            BioFilm Cleanse Kit  Contains: Baltone, Nutri Dophilus, Ozonated Magnesium, Mastic Gum all in one Dietary Fiber Drink. 54 capsules of Exclzyme, 2 Pounds of Erythritol/ Xylitol mixture, and 3 Detox Spas.

Hope to see you Tuesday evening.

Mick Hall

35 For Life

3151 Airway Ave Suite M3

Costa Mesa CA 92626


Free class

​Tuesday December 5th

7pm to 8:30pm

11/27/17Six-Day Biofilm Cleanse Have you noticed how discussions regarding stomach ulcers and candida have the tendency of generating a feeling of them being stubborn and difficult enemies? We often hear someone complaining of how hard they have worked to eliminate one or the other. The reason both have the reputation of being so difficult to get rid of is because, as unfriendlybacteria in the intestinal tract, they have found a way to protect their colonies from destruction. When either digestion gets poor, or the intestinal tract begins to stagnate, due to any form of constipation, the unfriendly bacteria will begin to proliferate out of proportion to the friendly bacteria. Because there are so many methods at the disposal of the body to bring the unfriendly bacteria back into balance, whenever possible, these unfriendly bacteria use a very ancient technique for survival. They form a colony, and use mucus and other toxic waste to build a protective barrier that protects the colony from stomach acids, digestive enzymes, the immune system, probiotics, and any other substance that could interfere with the safe reproduction of these bacteria. A colony of bacteria protected with a mass of this “biofilm” is why it can be quite difficult to completely eliminate H. pylori, and candida. Almost everyone has at least a candida biofilm attached to the intestinal tract. With a biofilm attached to the lining of the intestinal tract, the tissue beneath the biofilm deteriorates, which causes ulcerations and other intestinal disorders. Since the origin for every major disease can be traced back to intestinal tract disorders, clearing biofilms and normalizing intestinal function should be everyone’s top health priority. A few months ago we put together a simple, 6-Day Biofilm Cleanse. Those who have already used this cleanse have benefitted greatly. On December the 4thwe are beginning a group Biofilm Cleanse. This will be a great way of preparing the intestinal tract for the Christmas holiday, as well as just a great way of advancing your body’s ability to function better. This Cleanse retails for $82.15, but between now and next Tuesday evening (for anyone who wants to begin a few days later), we are giving a 20% discount on this cleanse kit, so you only pay: $65.72            BioFilm Cleanse Kit  Contains: Baltone, Nutri Dophilus, Ozonated Magnesium, Mastic Gum all in one Dietary Fiber Drink. 54 capsules of Exclzyme, 2 Pounds of Erythritol/ Xylitol mixture, and 3 Detox Spas. Just give Janice a call and get your kit. If you would like to pick your kit up from the office next Tuesday evening, we will be holding a class that will put the pieces together for how essential your understanding of total detoxification is for your overall health. Most of the health and disease industry emphasizes products everyone should purchase to improve their health, when the truth is: all disease is comprised of the toxic waste trapped within the body, and without a clear understanding of how to reopen the pathways of elimination, and how to completely remove this substance, it isn’t possible to create the level of health necessary to avoid the development of disease.