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Country Kitchen Remedies are based on logical, time tested, common sense solutions to every-day first aid issues.

For many years I’ve wanted to share this information, but I also knew that it was my higher priority to teach the greater value of Body Chemistry Support first. Once a person is providing their body with the basic support that will allow it to best heal itself, or at least do the very best it is capable of doing on its own, then, we can provide the best natural treatments that will enhance the body’s own natural healing process.

I hope that you are already laying the foundation of health by following the Body Chemistry Support System. In this way, your body will already have the upper hand on healing itself, so the extra help you provide through the use of the techniques presented in this section will just bring faster relief and stimulate greater healing.

The information in this section is for educational purposes. If you apply any of these treatments to yourself or to anyone else, be sure you realize that you’ll be doing so at your own discretion, and know that you must accept total responsibility for your actions. While it is every person’s God-given right to care for his or her own health and well being, please make sure that you possess the knowledge and skill, and are fully responsible for the outcome of your actions before attempting to apply any of the treatments found in this section.

As I was thinking of a name to call this section, I reviewed memories of experiences from my life and realized how grateful I am for having known of the logical solutions that saved the day on so many occasions for those close to me, as well as for myself. Among the memories I reviewed was one from when I was 18 years old. Our family cow stuck her head through an opening in the wall of a building where we kept her hay. My younger brothers were playing in the same building and made a loud noise that startled her. As she quickly pulled her head back from the opening, she broke the very tip off one of her horns. When I discovered her, she was about 30 feet away from where she had lost the tip of her horn. There was a very fine spray of blood coming from the tip of her horn every time her heart beat. Although she lost no more than a tablespoon of blood, since it was winter, the fine spray of blood on the white snow made her believe that she was bleeding to death. When I found her, she was hanging her head almost to the ground, she was so sad. So, I took a large rope and led her over, and tied her to a large tractor. Just then my Dad walked by and asked what I was doing. I explained how her horn got broken and told him that I was getting ready to cauterize it with a hot piece of metal. My dad seemed a little impatient, because there was other work that he felt was more important for me to be doing instead. So he told me, “Just put a couple tablespoons of Cayenne Pepper into an old sock and tape it over her horn, and it will cauterize itself.” I followed his instructions, and was amazed at how quickly it stopped bleeding. I took the sock off a couple days later and her horn had healed just fine.

As I thought back on this and many other similar memories, I realized that these genuine remedies weren’t coming out of a first aid kit. They were coming out of the cupboards of our Country Kitchen. So, it only seemed fitting to refer to this section as: Country Kitchen Remedies.

In order for you to gain the greatest benefits from the information I’m presenting, there are a few things you must do! This information is exactly like a box of tools. You must know what each tool is, what the tool will do, and then be willing to take full responsibility for the results you produce by using these tools. The tools are generally so safe you can’t hurt anyone with them anyhow, but, if you really want to help someone without interfering with their healing process, pay close attention to the instructions.

The tools you’ll be working with are mostly food, dirt, and spices. As I expand this section, I will provide you with an ever-expanding list of household items that every person should keep on hand. It’s better to have the tools and not need them, rather than needing a tool, but not having it, especially when the items are as inexpensive as most of the items I’ll be presenting in this section.

Before selecting a solution, always stop and ask yourself: “What is the true problem needing to be solved? Is it a burn, a bite, an inflammation, a blockage, an acid exposure, a poisoning? Although you will be working with mostly harmless substances, if you spend the time and focus to prepare ahead of time, then, in an emergency situation, these simple and logical solutions can save a life or at least avoid a great deal of suffering.

More Remedies

Country Kitchen Cupboard

 It is much more likely to find the following items in a country kitchen cupboard than in a first aid kit, so as I provide you with the contents of your first aid kit, a more fitting containment is a cupboard, but if you want to put together an actual kit; that would be very appropriate. 

Colds, Flu, and Allergy

 What is more common among us than the common cold, or maybe the condition we refer to as the flu? We are all too familiar with both conditions but our understanding of what they really are and how to properly deal with them is essential to our overall well-being. 

Transitional Lifestyle

35 For Life
Recipes and Instructions

Transitional Exercise

Chicken or Turkey Broth

Gallbladder Flush

Although this schedule is set up with specific time frames, they are only suggestive to structure your day for simplicity. The recipes and instructions will be found below.

Hot and Cold Treatment

 Whether you have a sprained ankle, a bruise, a sore back or pain in any other area of your body, by effectively moving fresh, healthy blood into the area and by moving the old blood out, healing takes place faster and more complete. 

Faster Than Fast Food, Healthier Than Health Food





Questions & Answers Regarding the Very Important Work Needed For Your Back:

 Q. Why do we need to decongest and tone the muscle tissues of the back? 

 Q. What are the most common problems of the spine? 

Detox Spa Guidelines

This information will help to give you a better experience while taking a Detox Spa

The Greatest Secret For Healthy Hair, Nails, Tissue Skin, Intestinal Tract and Bones


I believe that the daily intake of the simple drink outlined below, along with the use of a mini trampoline for 15 minutes twice each day will prove to be an unbelievable age reversing technique.

Gallbladder Flush

 When a person consumes 6 ounces of oil at a time, this is far more oil than the body is designed to consume. Therefore, when such a large volume of oil moves into the duodenum, it causes the gallbladder to spasm radically and releases a larger volume of its contents, which will contain not only bile, but also cholesterol balls and possibly gallstones.