Colds, Flu, and Allergy

Supporting Your Body During Colds, Flu, and Allergy Reactions.


What is more common among us than the common cold, or maybe the condition we refer to as the flu? We are all too familiar with both conditions but our understanding of what they really are and how to properly deal with them is essential to our overall well-being.

It's easy to accept the fact that colds and flu are the body's efforts to cleanse itself when we’re not feeling sick. However, when we are sick, we are ready to try every remedy available to feel better faster.

In order for you to understand the necessity of supporting colds and flu correctly, rather than suppressing them with drugstore remedies, I’d like to compare these conditions to a gun. Like the gun, a cold, flu, or allergy has a trigger: an activating mechanism in the form of a virus, a food, stress, or maybe a change in temperatures. Like the gun, a cold and flu has a bullet that can cause great harm, or even death, in the form of volumes of released toxic waste.

No matter what has triggered the release of toxic waste, manifesting as a cold, flu, or allergy; the content of the blood is always the same: there is a large volume of chemicals, metals, and acid waste. As the body works hard to release this waste, mucus accumulates in the sinuses and lungs until we cough or blow it out.

There are generally several causes behind the manifestation of a Cold or flu. The first cause is generally overdoing life: pushing ourselves beyond our limits. To stress the body in this manner not only exhausts our energy reserves, but consumes our vital, protective nutrients, as well as creating dehydration. When the body is exhausted, dehydrated, and lacking the essential nutrients to maintain the integrity of health, out of desperation, the body shifts into a survival mode. The wisdom of the human body knows that in order to increase its energy for repair and healing, it must first release the poisons that are destroying its vital energy.

At this point, we each have a very important decision we need to make. Our first desire is for the discomfort to end as quickly as possible. This causes us to be vulnerable and easily persuaded to use a “remedy” from the drug store to suppress our symptoms. Yet, the symptoms we are experiencing are caused by the release of accumulated toxic waste, and if not released, this waste will eventually accumulate and become the building blocks for degenerative disease.

Although you may think it would take longer to feel better, the real shortcut to relief is in supporting your body to do what it knows best: release the waste and normalize its natural functions.

The following seven steps will support your body's efforts in releasing this accumulated waste with less discomfort.

Drink at least 3 quarts of water throughout the day. Use the purest, cleanest water available. A little lemon juice for flavoring is fine, but avoid saturating the water with herbal teas or other substances. Water works best as a clean solvent to dissolve and remove waste from your body.

In its attempt to keep the blood clean, the liver filters as much as it can and releases this waste into the intestinal tract. After this waste reaches the colon, the fluids are drawn from the fecal matter into the lymphatic system, then into the blood stream. From there, the toxic fluids circulate throughout the body, congesting tissues and organs. As this happens, it causes sinus congestion, sore throat, lung congestion, headaches, as well as muscle and joint pain. To stop this recycling process, the colon needs to be washed out. Either a colonic or a couple of enemas could be done. If you do neither form of washing, then, to drink 16 ounces of prune juice, or to use a laxative tea will usually do the job.

Since the symptoms you are feeling are the result of your blood and lymph being excessively saturated with toxic waste, you’ll need to take a Detox Spa each day until you are feeling well. This is the most direct and effective way to clean your blood and lymph.

As humans, we need an abundant supply of Vitamin C from whole foods every day. The most common whole-food source of vitamin C is green leaf vegetables. Other foods that are high in natural vitamin C are: Cayenne Pepper, Papaya, red Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Strawberries, Oranges, Cantaloupe, Kiwifruit, Cauliflower, and Kale. Eating foods from this list on a daily basis will assure you of getting your needed Vitamin C.

At the time of a health crisis, such as a cold or flu, it is best to immediately produce an Ascorbic acid flush! Since your colon is stagnated every time your body develops a cold or flu, an Ascorbic Acid flush is the quickest way to not only flush the colon out, but to “kick-start” your immune system. Begin by taking 4-500mg. (2,000mg. total) Ascorbic Acid tablets. If you know that you are already far too acidic, be sure to get buffered ascorbic acid tablets. Don’t worry about trying to find the greatest organic product on the market, Ascorbic Acid is a synthetic chemical; but it works better than anything else during an emergency. Continue taking 2,000mg. of Ascorbic Acid every hour until you develop diarrhea, then cut this amount in half, and continue on until your cold is gone. If diarrhea continues on the second day, only take 500mg. per hour until your problem is gone.

A tremendous amount of energy is required to detoxify the body and normalize its function. Therefore, when we are sick, the body should be allowed to use all available energy for healing, rather than continuing our daily routine. Even the activity of reading robs the body of energy. While going through this cleansing process, listen to pleasant music and enjoy complete rest. Your body can then direct all of its energy into cleansing and healing.

So often we hear that fruit is good for cleansing the body. Unfortunately, fruit juice is also high in sugar which causes other problems needing to be avoided during a cleanse. Vegetable juices work much better to detoxify and alkalize the fluids, as well as to provide the needed minerals for energy production.

When you fully support your body during a cleanse, there are times when it gets over-enthusiastic in its cleansing efforts, and begins to release waste materials much faster than they can be eliminated. Since it is best to restrain this dumping process, the most effective way of slowing the release of toxic substances from tissue storage is to drink 16 ounces of cooked vegetable broth every evening. Remember, when you develop a cold or flu, your body has been triggered into a cleansing mode out of desperation to normalize your health. This usually happens when the diet is far less than ideal and when life has you a bit overwhelmed. In this state of overwhelm and low energy, the body usually doesn't have the ability to detoxify itself, this is why these eight steps are so vitally important for you to follow.

As long as you are using a cooked vegetable broth to slow the tissue release of toxic waste, drinking fresh vegetable juices will boost your vitality as well as enhancing your ability to recover more quickly. Therefore, you will find a great benefit in drinking a glass of fresh organic vegetable juice at least twice a day during your time of recovery.

Since most of the waste matter being eliminated from the tissues consist of undigested food residues, it is best to eliminate these from your blood stream as quickly and simply as possible. Taking 3-Primagest with water on an empty stomach, four times a day will clear the unused food residue from your blood (if you have an ulcer, use gastric complex. HP).

In conclusion, to most effectively slow the release of tissue waste while cleaning the intestinal tract, bloodstream and lymphatic system: in other words, to effectively reverse your cold, flu, or allergy reaction, follow these eight steps:

1) Drink at least 3 quarts of water throughout the day.

2.) Drink a glass of fresh vegetable juice twice a day if possible.

3.) Take from 5,000 to 30,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 throughout each day you are sick. Then, resume with at least 3,000IUs daily for maintenance.

4.) Take three Primagest capsules with water, on an empty stomach, four times a day.

5.) Take a Detox Spa each day your body is cleansing.

6.) Take 4-500mg. Ascorbic acid tablets every hour until you produce diarrhea, then reduce to 2 tablets until symptoms are gone. If diarrhea continues on the second day, reduce to 1 tablet an hour until you are well.

7.) Listen to pleasant music and enjoy complete rest.

8.) Drink 16-ounces of vegetable broth every evening.

During a self-cleansing period such as a cold or flu, you will normally lose your appetite, but, if by chance you don't, it's important to discontinue eating cooked food for these few days.