The 35 For Life Body Chemistry Support System

 Although this schedule is set up with specific time frames, they are only suggestive to structure your day for simplicity. The recipes and instructions will be found below.

Be sure to drink 2 quarts of pure water throughout the day between the drinks outlined on the schedule below. Also, if you are eating no other food besides this plan, your 10:00 PM Broth will provide some salt (just under 1/4 tsp. Per 16 ounces), but be sure you are getting a total of 1/2 teaspoon of healthy salt every day. This is essential for proper re-hydration. A practice you may want to implement is to drink a quart of water first thing in the morning along with taking 1/2 teaspoon of healthy salt (either in the water, or just put it in your mouth and swish it down with the water).

7:00 AM: 12 ounces of pure water.
7:30 AM: Olive Oil, Baltone and juice combination. With this Baltone, take either a Detox Pack or Nutri-Dophilus and Fiber Regulator.
8:30 AM: Morning Vegetable Juice.
10:00 AM: Essential Light and Meal Pack (taken with water).
12:00 PM: 12 oz. lemonade with 1 TBS. Baltone blended for 45 sec.
2:00 PM: 12 oz. lemonade with 1 TBS. Baltone blended for 45 sec.
6:00 PM: Essential Light and Meal Pack (taken with water).
8:00 PM: 12 oz. lemonade with 1 TBS. Baltone. With this Baltone, take either a Detox Pack or Nutri-Dophilus and Fiber Regulator.
10:00 PM: 16 ounces of Chicken or Turkey broth.

This schedule provides approximately 1 gallon of the highest quality nutrition in an ideal, ready-to-assimilate form. This is more actual nutrition than the average person ever gets delivered into their blood stream. If you are larger than 5 foot 8 inches, or if you feel you are not satisfied, you may want to add another Essential Light each day.

Other than that, all other desires for food would be to pacify the brain and to stuff our emotions. I know that sounds shocking, but it’s the absolute truth. Rest assured though, that it isn’t my intension to eliminate food from your life. That would be uncomfortable for most everyone. This schedule is an ideal foundation for whatever personal dietary lifestyle you choose. Feel free to slip a meal in wherever you desire, and if one day you find it undesirable to have as many meals, just know your body does just fine with less food.

35 For Life: Recipes and Instructions

Daily Olive Oil, Baltone and Juice Drink:
It would be ideal to have this drink every day for the rest of your life:
*Put 12 ounces of lemonade (from the recipe below) or apple juice diluted 50/50 with water into a blender, then, add:
*2 Tablespoons of light tasting Olive Oil (available at any store).
*1 Tablespoon of Baltone
And blend for 45 seconds before drinking.

Vegetable Juice:
While there are many great vegetable juice combinations that you can learn about and experiment with as you discover them, the juice made from the following instructions provides a great starting point for anyone.
Purchase one or two 5-pound bags of Organic carrots, 2 to 4 stocks of Organic celery, and a tub or packet of pre-washed spinach leaves. Cut the butts off the carrots and with a green Scotchbrite scrubbing sponge (using the green side and cold water) scrub the carrots, not to remove the skins, but to remove the bitter protective coating of the carrot. Cut the carrots to fit into a 1 gallon Ziploc Freezer bag.

Cut the butts off the celery and use the green side of the Scotchbrite sponge to scrub the dirt from the celery. Cut the stocks in half and put them into a 1 gallon Ziploc Freezer bag. The spinach is ready to use from the container it is in. Always have enough vegetables prepared ahead of time in the fridge, so all you need to do is juice them.
For each portion of juice, use:
*1 large handful of spinach.
*Juice enough celery to make half of your total desired volume of juice.
*Juice the amount of carrot to equal both your spinach juice and celery juice.
*It is best to stabilize the sugar of your juice by blending the juice with a raw egg or a tablespoon of Whey Protein Isolates, or you can use an egg white or two.

Essential Light
There are several ways of making your Essential Light. The very best way requires extra work on your part, but it is well worth the extra effort. The first way is to go to the store and buy Blue Diamond’s Almond Milk. The better way is for you to use the following recipe, and make your own.

Homemade Almond Milk:
This recipe makes approximately 44 fluid ounces of Almond Milk. The ideal machine to use is a Vita Mix, or an equivalently large and powerful blender. Before starting this process, you need to soak your Almonds overnight in plain water, then drain and store in fridge. Then, just before making your milk, melt the coconut oil. For a refreshing, brain-feeding alternative, you may try using soaked walnuts as another option.
Begin by putting the following ingredients into your blender:
*3 cups of ice (from clean, not chlorinated water)
*3 cups of pure water
*1/2 Cup of soaked Almonds (Almonds must be soaked in water over-night to release the enzyme inhibitors. Drain the water and store in Kerr or Mason jar in the fridge).
*1/4 cup Agave Syrup
*1/4 Teaspoon of Real Salt
*1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
Put lid on blender real tight. Start blender and slowly increase speed until it’s at full speed. Leave ingredients blending until blender jar feels just slightly warm to the touch. Then, slow blender to medium speed and add 2 Tablespoons of melted coconut oil.
You can either put your Almond milk into 1-quart Kerr jars and store in the fridge, or go ahead and make a large amount of Essential Light, using one of the options below.

Essential Light Options
Option #1. Plain Essential Light:
Simply stir, shake or blend 2 Tablespoons of Essential Light and 2 teaspoons of Flax Seed Oil into 12 ounces of plain water.
Option #2. From the plain Essential Light recipe
If you want to just make one drink, you can use 12 ounces of the Homemade Almond Milk, and just add 2 Tablespoons of Essential Light and 1 Tablespoon of Flax Seed Oil, blend and drink.
Option #3. Fruit Smoothie: Begin with either option #1 or #2, add to this any frozen fruit you would like, to make a very tasty, but healthy drink.
Option #4. Chocolate Banana Shake:
 With the above recipe of Almond Milk or a quart of another milk replacement in your blender, add the following ingredients:
*4- Tablespoons of Flax Seed Oil
*8- Tablespoons of Essential Light Powder
*2- Tablespoons of Raw Chocolate Powder
*1- Frozen Banana (must let bananas get real ripe, then peel and place in 1 gallon Ziploc Freezer bag, and store in freezer).

It is easiest if you don’t have to begin by squeezing lemons every time you want lemonade. I always buy a large amount of lemons at one time long before I really need them. I then juice enough of the lemons to fill my ice cube trays. I use 5 trays at a time. Each cube is
1 1/2 tablespoons, so when I make a quart of lemonade using the recipe below, I use 4 cubes of frozen lemon juice (6 TBS.)
Making just over a quart of lemonade:
Put the following items into your blender:
*32 ounces of pure water
*4 cubes, or 6 TBS. of lemon juice
*4-6 TBS, or 1/4-1/3 cup of Real Maple Syrup or Agave syrup (you can also replace some Agave with a little Stevia)
*1/4 tsp. Of Cayenne Pepper
Blend, and it’s ready.

35 For Life: Transitional Exercise Program

By the time we reach 40 years of age, it’s common to be so caught up in our occupations, responsibilities, and everything life seems to throw at us that we often overlook the value of daily exercise. By the time we realize this vital piece of life has been ignored, the thought of getting started again with an exercise program can feel a little overwhelming. To get into a healthy exercise program again, after a period of mostly non-physical activities can be a little difficult and discouraging, but the secret is to develop a daily habit of just increasing what we do by baby steps. In this way, before you know it you’re back into actively enjoying life.

When it comes to rejuvenating exercises, the highest priority isn’t to start pumping iron and build a lot of muscle. A stressed body that hasn’t exercised regularly for a few years has many muscle spasms and excess calcium loaded into its tissues. Since calcium creates a greater contractiveness within the muscles, this condition distorts the neck and spine and reduces the blood and nerve flow, thereby inhibiting proper body functions. Since this condition is the most direct and immediate influence toward aging and disease, reversing it with exercise will naturally happen as we build a transitional exercise program into a daily lifestyle.

Stretching and lymphatic flushing are the primary accomplishments you’ll want to focus your attention upon. If you are already doing yoga, you are ahead of the game.

Below is a simplified exercise program that should be woven into your Lifestyle of 35 For Life. Begin slowly. Stay in your comfort zone, and increase your time and repetitions by baby steps, and before you know it, you’ll feel like a child again!

The first section is simply the schedule according to priority. After the schedule, you will find the directions for each exercise.

Prioritized Exercise Schedule For The 35 For Life Program:

#1. Neck traction and neck muscle decongestion: 5 repetitions each direction first thing every morning.
#2. Back revolution stick. One to two minutes each time before doing the Back Revolution.
#3. Back Revolution to decompress, stretch and re-hydrate the spine. Ideally done 3 times a day (about 3 minutes each time).
#4. Up to 15 minutes on the Mini-Trampoline twice daily to exercise every cell in the body without stress. Also, to stimulate lymphatic movement to wash the acid waste away from every tissue cell in the body.

When these four exercises are done twice daily (with the Stick and Back Revolution done 3 times), it is like the match that lights the fire: your body finally has the necessary support to reverse what has begun as a degenerative decline toward death.  

Exercise Directions:
#1. The starting point for this exercise program is neck traction and muscle decongestion. The best tool I have found for doing the work you need for your neck is the ChiSoft Neck Stretching Unit. With this unit inflated halfway, put it onto your neck as tight as you can without it being uncomfortable. Now, inflate the unit, creating a firm traction for your neck, but again, not to the point of discomfort. At first you may want to just wear the unit while you begin your morning kitchen preparations. When you are ready to do your neck muscle decongestion exercises, follow this procedure:
*Be aware of not twisting your shoulders to the side as you turn your head to the left as far as it will comfortably turn. Now, look as far around and behind you as possible. While refraining from turning your body, turn your head as far as you can, with your eyes trying to look straight behind you and your shoulders still square to the front as you slowly count to ten. Breathe deep and slow while doing this. Great!
Now, slowly turn your head to the right, then, as far as you can go while looking behind you and slowly count to ten; breathing deep and slow. Use your fingers to keep track of how many times you turn each direction, and do this procedure 5 times each direction first thing every morning and again when you are able to in the evening. You may find that you need to push the front part of the ChiSoft down with your hand to more easily turn your head each direction.

#2. The next most important step is to warm up your muscles. The Back Revolution Stick is not only the quickest and most effective way of warming up your muscles, but it is a way of beginning the breakdown of heavy tissue congestion. By using the Stick like a rolling pin on your muscles, you duplicate the action of deep tissue massage. By the action of rolling the Stick back and forth over a muscle or group of muscles, you warm them by increasing blood flow into the muscles. The movement also loosens stagnated lymph, and by doing so, activates a washing action around the tissue cells.
*Using the Stick like a rolling pin: roll up and down on your lower back muscles for about 15 seconds. Then, kneel on one knee and roll all the muscles of the leg you’re not kneeling on. Shift, and kneel on the other knee and do the opposite leg. The whole process might only take a minute or so, but is so valuable for your overall exercise program.

#3. The third exercise priority is a combination of full spinal traction and disc re-hydration. Both can best be accomplished with the Back Revolution. This exercise takes about 3 minutes and should be done 3 times every day.
*After assuming the upside-down position the Back Revolution is designed to hold you in, slowly and deeply breathe while just barely and very slowly emphasizing the movement of your breath by moving back and forth. As you inhale, this will naturally cause your body to bow slightly backwards, so emphasize this just a little by gently tilting your head back and bow your lower back by slightly pushing your stomach out. Then, as you exhale, this will cause your body to naturally curl just a little. Emphasize this by gently pulling your head toward your chest; not hard enough to even put any effort into it, just slightly. While doing this, gently bow your lower back out by pulling your stomach in just slightly. This will not only allow your entire spine to completely decompress within a minute or so, but it will also create a vacuum within your spinal discs that will draw water back into the discs to re-hydrate them. Then, by following the photo illustrations, slowly twist your body each direction. Relax again, tighten your spine to bring yourself into a horizontal position, and hold this for 5-seconds. Then, slowly curl and touch your forehead to the vertical stand of the Back Revolution and hold this position for 5 seconds. Tighten your spine again to bring yourself into a horizontal position, hold this for another 5-seconds. Repeat both actions a total of 5 times each to complete your Back Revolution session. The whole exercise only takes 3 minutes, but this will be the most valuable 3-minute exercise you can do! Really try and do it 3 times every day.

#4. The fourth exercise priority is the mini trampoline. This is the only exercise in the world that will allow you to exercise every cell in your entire body all at the same time. It is also the most effective way of washing the acid waste away from every cell within your entire body. No other exercise is capable of accomplishing both of these vital functions without discharging the delicate electrical charge from your tissue cells.

Begin with a gentle bouncing from one foot to the other for 1 minute to relax your entire body. Then, begin jogging in place. Raise your knees as high as you comfortably can. Hold onto a doorframe or something to stabilize your balance if you need to. Watch a clock, and slowly work up to jogging for 1 minute. There are three ways to slowly increase the intensity of this valuable exercise. #1: How high can you comfortably raise your knees while jogging. #2: The speed of your jog. #3: The length of time that you jog. In the beginning, if a slow, gentle 15-second jog is your maximum, fantastic. Stay with what you are able to do comfortably. Then, increase all three intensities by baby steps.

This entire exercise program is a 25 minute session, but if you are willing to invest this 25 minutes once every day, and twice a day as often as you can, you will be able to celebrate your efforts for the rest of your extended, enjoyable life!

35 For Life Transitional Chicken or Turkey Broth

The following instructions are for making Chicken Broth. If you would like Turkey broth, just use about 4 pounds of Turkey in place of the chicken.

Begin with the best quality Chicken that you can find (about 4 pounds). Wash the Chicken well, inside and out. To avoid a slight liver taste, use your fingers to dig the kidneys out from between the ribs inside the lower spine area of the Chicken.

Fill a 12-quart stainless steel stockpot 3/4 full of clean water. Put the Chicken into the pot, put the lid on and bring to a boil. When the water begins to boil, reduce the heat to a mild simmer (you will still see a significant rolling action in the water). Add to this, 3 small red potatoes diced small, as well as 4 or 5 cloves of garlic chopped very fine.

After 2 hours of simmering, transfer the Chicken, a chunk at a time into a smaller pan. Using a potato masher, mash and separate all the meat of each piece until you have mashed the entire Chicken to a pulp. Use the masher to mash up the potato pieces in the bottom of the pot. Return the chicken to the 12-quart stockpot.

Next, dice up 4-medium to large carrots, 4 large stocks of celery, a large sweet onion, a red bell pepper, and 2 medium sized (about 2inches long) fresh Jalapeño peppers. Put all the vegetables into the stockpot with the chicken pulp and return the lid to the pot. Add enough water to fill the pot within a couple inches of the top. Bring the contents back to the boiling point. Reduce to a simmer again, and simmer this mixture for 10 more hours (for a total of 12 hours), stirring every couple hours (if you are simmering through the night, just stir it one last time before going to sleep and it will be fine on its own for 6 to 10 hours).

After this final 10 hours of simmering, separate the broth from the pulp by pouring the broth through a sieve into a large enough container that can hold it. Since the broth is boiling hot, be sure not to transfer it into a cold glass container, as it may break (for safety, run hot water over glass to heat it up).

After separating the broth from the pulp, put the pulp back into the 12-quart pot. Add 2 quarts of clean water, then, bring to a boil. Stir well while boiling (to rinse broth from the pulp. Separate broth from the pulp again. Throw pulp away, then, put all broth back into the 12-quart pot. If the broth level is below three inches from the top of your pot, add enough water to bring the level up to within 3 inches of the top.

Bring the broth to a boil. As it is getting close to the boiling point you can quite easily skim the fat from the top of the broth.  

When the fat has been removed from the broth, add one and a half measuring tablespoon of the Real Salt or the Celtic salt to the broth. After stirring well, begin tasting and adding more salt until it achieves the flavor you are happy with. If you add a quarter of a teaspoon of salt each time, and keep track of how many of these quarter teaspoons you have added, the next time you make broth, you will know approximately how much salt you prefer. I use 2 full Tablespoons.

To give the broth more body and a nice flavor, add two 16-ounce cans of Organic Refried Black beans or the regular refried beans. Of course it would be better if you cook your own beans, then blend them to a liquid with about a quart of your broth.

Put 3 days supply of broth into the refrigerator, then you have a choice of how to preserve the balance of your broth. You can either pour the broth at boiling temperature into clean, wide mouth quart Mason or Kerr canning jars, put lids on them and when they cool, the lids seal and the jars of soup are as preserved as if you had preserved any fruit or vegetable. If the lid indented and sealed the jar, you can store the broth in a cupboard in your kitchen (you still want to use the broth up within a couple weeks though). To be sure the jars are totally bacteria free, put 2 ounces of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide into one jar, put the lid on and shake well. Pour the peroxide from the first jar into the second and repeat. Continue this until all jars have been sterilized in this way, then, dump the peroxide down the sink. If you have room in your fridge, it is always best to keep your broth in the fridge.

The other way of preserving your broth is to fill the wide mouth quart jars 80% full, then put their lids on and (after they have cooled) place them into your freezer to freeze them.

35 For Life Gallbladder Flush

Cholesterol: The Good, the Bad, and the Sticky

Basically, everyone has an excessive amount of unusable cholesterol particles in their gallbladder, liver, arteries, and circulating blood. It is the excess of these unusable waste particles that actually cause the heart and circulatory disorders we are continually being warned about with regard to our cholesterol levels. Real science exposes the fact that high cholesterol isn’t really the problem. It is the excess of unusable arterial plaque that causes our problems, in other words, “oxidized, junk cholesterol”. There are several reasons these particles accumulate on the arterial wall and eventually build up and block the blood flow. One reason is the excessive intake of heated and enzyme-less fats and oils. Another reason is the nutritional deficiencies that allow the arteries to be damaged. It is very common for us as humans to be deficient of organic sodium, organic potassium and the components of a complete vitamin C. When deficient of these nutrients, the arterial walls are easily damaged and the body naturally shields this damaged arterial tissue with a protective coating of cholesterol. Eventually, the accumulation of old cholesterol builds up to the point of inhibiting blood flow and increasing blood pressure. When there is such a build up of plaque on the walls of our arteries, it is due to an overwhelmed liver, incapable of keeping the blood cleared of the small plaque particles, so we are told that our cholesterol level is too high. It is from this point the blood pressure begins to increase.

With every health problem we are developing, there is always a corrective effort being exerted by the innate wisdom of the body to reverse the problem, if at all possible. As with the build-up of arterial plaque, just the natural movement of our every day activities will cause small particles of the old plaque to peel away from the arterial wall. The movement of blood will then break the small particles lose, carrying them away with the blood. When the liver is functioning normally, it will filter these particles from the blood, along with toxic metals, chemicals and other debris, then release this waste into the gallbladder (the liver’s personal trash can), which naturally releases this waste into the intestinal tract to be eliminated out through the bowel.

Because of the sticky nature of this material, after years of the liver passing these particles through the gallbladder, small balls of this sticky, waxy cholesterol begin to form within the gallbladder. Medical doctors seeing this build-up refer to it as “sludge.” Many professionals refer to these blobs of cholesterol as being gallstones. The truth is, they are only masses of arterial plaque. A gallstone is actually one of these cholesterol plaque masses coated with a thin shell of calcium.

There is much confusion surrounding the problems associated with gallstones. It is believed that when you have gallstones, it is the stones that cause gallbladder attacks. The truth is, it is the stagnation of acidified bile in a gallbladder full of cholesterol balls that causes both: an inflammatory condition within the gallbladder, as well as the formation of gallstones. Bile should have an alkaline Ph, but due to the common deficiency of organic sodium in our diets, the bile becomes acidic.

When the content of a gallbladder is stagnated and acidic, the toxic effect of this condition irritates the lining of the gallbladder. When the tissue cells get irritated or stressed, the body will bathe the area with extra calcium to buffer the caustic, acidic fluids within the bile. With the calcium buffering the acidity, this may reverse the cause of the irritation, but as the condition continues year after year, the calcium begins to accumulate and crystallize, eventually forming a shell on the outside of some of the cholesterol balls, thereby forming gallstones.

Since most of us haven’t eaten enough mineral rich vegetables, we are generally quite deficient of organic sodium. The greatest storage for this alkaline mineral is within the bile of the gallbladder. So, when we are deficient of this mineral, out of desperation, the body is then forced to use calcium to buffer the acids that stagnate in the gallbladder, but calcium can never replace organic sodium as the true buffer of acidic body waste.

According to Dr. Jonathan Wright, every gallbladder attack is really a reaction to a food consumed just prior to the attack. Obviously, there couldn’t have been such an attack if the gallbladder wasn’t already sludged up.

Before moving on to the very best solution for a gallbladder that is full of sludge, lets review more details of cause for all circulatory disorders.

As noted before: It is very common for us as humans to be deficient of organic sodium, organic potassium and a whole-food source of vitamin C. When deficient of these nutrients, the arterial walls are easily damaged and the body naturally shields this damaged arterial tissue with a protective coating of cholesterol.

The most obvious deficiency responsible for the weak and damaged arterial tissue is vitamin C.

Sailors of old who stayed out to sea for prolonged periods of time would die of scurvy because of extreme deficiencies of vitamin C. Vitamin C acts like the cementing substance that binds our tissue cells together. When we don’t have enough of this vitamin, our arteries get weak and begin to crack. When the body is seriously deficient of vitamin C, the arteries and skin will break open and the person will bleed to death. This is how people actually died of scurvy. Even today, most people are dying of a low-grade form of scurvy, but it isn’t being talked about. When you see the large purple bruises on the arms of the elderly: that is sub-scurvy bruising. When a person has a stroke due to a burst blood vessel in the brain: that is a more advanced form of scurvy. The excess build-up of arterial plaque causing angina, heart attack, and high blood pressure: it is all low-grade scurvy! It isn’t talked about because the condition rarely gets so extreme as to allow a person’s skin and arteries to burst open causing them to bleed to death. Yet, as you can easily deduct from the simple explanations written here, the number one killer in the United States is actually a very common sub-scurvy condition.

Following The 35 For Life Body Chemistry Support System will allow your body to reverse this sub-scurvy condition by healing the arteries. But, it is up to you to reverse the lifetime accumulation of arterial plaque from the gallbladder, liver and arteries. In fact, it should be easy to understand why the body forms fatty tumors under the surface of the skin. When the gallbladder gets full of arterial plaque, the liver is then backed up and overwhelmed with the same substance. With the arteries loaded, the body forms “safe” little trashcans in weakened areas to store the waste plaque that cannot be eliminated.

Now for the solution: The only true solution for eliminating the excess volumes of arterial plaque from the body is to do the Gallbladder Flush enough times to clear the Gallbladder, the liver and approximately 60,000 miles of veins, arteries and capillaries. As you might guess, one good flush just isn’t going to do it.

After a lifetime of accumulating this plaque, I know it might sound a little extreme, but I have come to believe that each of us need to do a Gallbladder Flush for every year of our lives, just to reverse the build up from the past. Keeping the Gallbladder cleared of the huge volumes of old plaque that will keep refilling it is the only way of effectively and completely detoxifying the whole body.

When you are ready to begin flushing your Gallbladder out, decide on one evening each week that would work best for you. Then, do a Gallbladder Flush on that day, every week for about two or three months, depending upon your age; the more years, the longer period of doing a weekly flush. Then continue by doing a monthly flush for 3 or 4 years. Then, the rest of your life you can choose to do 2 to 4 flushes each year.

In preparation for your first Gallbladder Flush, you will want to follow The 35 For Life Body Chemistry Support System, which will allow your body to begin normalizing the intestinal functions before attempting to dump the arterial plaque and the stagnated waste from your gallbladder into a sluggish intestinal tract. This is the difference between your success and failure in comfortably removing the contents of your Gallbladder.

The second thing you will want to do every morning is to take the simple Olive Oil Cocktail:

*About 15 minutes after drinking your  “first thing in the morning” 12 ounces of water, blend (for 45 seconds): 1 tablespoon of Baltone and 2 tablespoons of (Light Tasting) olive oil into 10 ounces of diluted apple juice (half water and half juice) or lemonade, and drink. This daily cocktail can be taken every day for the rest of your life as an excellent way of keeping your bile flowing well.

***The day of your Gallbladder Flush is the only day to skip the morning Olive Oil Cocktail. Your flush may be more successful if you skip the oil the morning of your flush!

Preparations for the morning of your Flush:

1)   Be sure you already have a bottle of Epsom Salt capsules from InnerActive Nutrition.

2)   Purchase one of the following: 3 grapefruits, 6 lemons, apple juice, a quart of Almond milk, or Vanilla Rice Dream (milk replacement).

3)   If you are going to use lemon or grapefruit juice, by juicing them in the morning, you will be better prepared for your flush and can avoid unnecessary confusion at the time of your Flush. Whether your choice is a juice or one of the milk replacements, it is basically just a flavoring agent to break up the oil and make it easier to take. When you have your choice prepared, store it in the fridge.

4)   Purchase a bottle of Light Tasting Olive oil from any grocery store.

Procedure for the Gallbladder Flush:

The time to begin the Gallbladder Flush is a personal choice. The suggested time to begin is 5:00 PM. You begin with the Epsom Salt to relax the bile ducts as well as to evacuate the contents of the intestinal tract.

5:00 PM – Take 10 Epsom Salt capsules with 16 oz. of water.

6:00 PM – Take 10 Epsom Salt capsules with 16 oz. of water.

7:00 PM – Put 4 ounces of Apple or any other kind of juice, lemonade, or milk replacement into a blender with 4 ounces of Light Tasting Olive oil. Add one teaspoon of Baltone (optional) - blend for 45 seconds then drink.

Immediately after drinking this combination, drink a couple ounces of your choice of juice as a “chaser.” Then put a strong mint candy into your mouth.

Watch an enjoyable movie and the time will go by faster. To sit in a reclining position seems to make the flush a little more effective.

By 8:30 PM the flush should be completed. The gallbladder should have released a large amount of stagnated bile and toxic poisons that accumulated in the gallbladder over the years. By this time you may already be experiencing a bit of diarrhea, which is a result of the Epsom Salt taken hours before. All is well!

With the toxic poisons being released from the gallbladder into the intestinal tract, the faster they can be eliminated; the better off you will be and the better you will feel. Therefore, at about 9:00 PM (about 2 hours after taking the oil), take a Baltone drink along with 1-3 Fiber Regulators to flush your intestinal tract. This will flush the waste from the intestinal tract that was released from the gallbladder. Take these even though you may be experiencing diarrhea from the Epsom Salt, because the Epsom Salt was in your intestinal tract over an hour before your gallbladder began releasing poison, so if you don’t use Baltone and Fiber Regulators after the flush, there is nothing but time to slowly remove the poison released into your intestinal tract. As the cholesterol balls are released, you will see them as green, waxy fat balls floating in the toilet any time after about 3:00 in the morning.

How the Gallbladder Flush works:
When we consume any food that contains fat or oil, as the food moves from the stomach into the duodenum, the presence of fats in the duodenal area signals to the gallbladder, which then contracts and squirts an amount of bile equal to the quantity of fat or oil detected in the food. The bile acts like a detergent, making the fats into a water-soluble solution.

When a person consumes 4 ounces of oil at a time, this is far more oil than the body is designed to consume. Therefore, when such a large volume of oil moves into the duodenum, it causes the gallbladder to spasm radically and releases a larger volume of its contents, which will contain not only bile, but also cholesterol balls and possibly gallstones.

Of the hundreds of thousands of Gallbladder Flushes taking place around the country, there is an extreme few that ever have any problems at all with the Gallbladder Flush. The greatest fear a person may have is quite unfounded, but that fear is: “What if something gets caught and won’t release?” The only way this can be a problem is if a person were to panic and run to the hospital. The hospital only has expensive and painful solutions surrounded by volumes of projected fear. Remember well! This procedure is very simple, and if you suspect any problem whatsoever, simply take another 8 ounces of the juice and oil combination and the problem is solved!!

The best advice is to relax, let go, and let your body release whatever it needs to.