Questions & Answers Regarding Your Back:

 Q. Why do we need to decongest and tone the muscle tissues of the back? A. Energy and communication from the brain to specific parts of the body are restricted when muscle tissues are congested. Decongestion and toning these tissues frees up the flow of nervous energy.

Q. What are the most common problems of the spine? A. The two most common problems are misalignment of the vertebrae and congested back muscle tissue.

Q. What causes misalignment of the vertebrae? A. The origin is most commonly the result of the pivot of the skull on the spine from an assisted birth, a child learning to walk, being dropped, falling, or any such cause. This pivot of the skull on the spine causes the muscles along the spine to contract in an attempt to compensate for the imbalance this pivot causes. A long-term muscle contraction is stressful to the tissues. For self-protection from this stress, the body bathes the tissues with calcium to buffer and ease the stress. Unfortunately, as the tissues load up with calcium, it increases the strength of the muscle contractions, and eventually these strong, automatic Muscle spasms begin to distort the alignment of the vertebrae and to cause secondary spinal disorders.

Other possible causes of misalignment include accidents, poor posture, carrying things that are too heavy, lifting incorrectly, nutritional deficiencies or a mineral imbalance; especially between the tissue levels of calcium and magnesium. Q. What substances congest muscle tissue, causing spinal problems? A. There are specific substances that congest muscle tissues, namely metals, chemicals, unusable food residues, dead tissue cells, cellular waste and the wastes produced by parasites throughout the body. All of these substances cause blockage and irritation within the muscle tissues. Besides the direct blockage this material causes, it also increases the stress levels of the muscle tissues, causing the tissue to be saturated with calcium, which, in time, begins a new level of disorders.

Q. What are the results of vertebrae misalignment and congested muscle tissue? A. These conditions result in restricted nerve flow from the brain to the glands, organs, blood vessels and specific tissue groups throughout the body. Weakness occurs within the specific areas of the body where the vital nerve flow is being restricted. This sets up the ideal formula for the development of disease. Through prolonged congestion of the tissue, nerve flow is restricted. Weakness then occurs in the associated gland, organ or tissues. In time, disease is the absolute natural result of this process.

Q. What solutions are available for these problems? A. The highest priority is for you to do what you can to begin decongesting the muscles of your neck. The two best tools for you to accomplish the work yourself are: to first use lotion and a small hand massage tool: you can either use a small massage unit, or a knobby tool such as the wooden “Knobble.” Secondly, by using the ChiSoft Neck Stretcher is most helpful. Both tools in tandem and you will definitely succeed. A massage therapist and Chiropractor can greatly enhance the work that you need to accomplish.

As for the rest of your spine, to accomplish most of the work by yourself will be the least expensive, and the most successful. To accomplish what really needs to be done, the very best tool for the job is The Back Revolution System. To learn more about this vitally essential system, look in the educational materials of this site, and find the book entitled: Refreshed and Recovered in 3 Minutes With The Back Revolution System. This book will not only help you to better understand the entire problem with your back, but it will also assist you all the way in understanding and successfully solving your back problems.

As with your neck, a massage therapist and a good Chiropractor can provide a great deal of assistance as well.