The Treatment of Symptoms Versus Body Chemistry Support

Article 6


All our lives, the focus of healthcare has been centered on the treatment of symptoms. Of course, it's very logical, that if we were ill or in pain, we should naturally seek relief. Yet the principle of cause and effect didn't seem to apply to the well being of our bodies as it did to every other area of our lives. But in reality, life has trained every one of us to know that when we observe an effect, and we fail to discover and correct the cause for this effect, it will either remain or return. Not only has the medical model overlooked the principle of cause and effect, but also, the world of natural therapies has quite closely mirrored the medical model of just focusing on our symptoms. It is for this reason that no matter how many times we treat a particular symptom, in time, a symptom of degenerative will be replaced by a full-blown degenerative disease. Only when a person recognizes the fact that the principle of cause and effect is a regulating law of this universe and will never be different, and only when that person begins to look farther upstream to understand all levels of cause for why the body breaks down with disease, only then will that person be prepared to learn to be free from the inevitable physical breakdown that results in degenerative disease.

In a world of cause and effect, to continue treating an effect, or symptom, without discovering and correcting the cause, could either be considered a form of insanity, or what I refer to as The Game of Illness. I know the value of bringing relief to a symptom of disease is important and a fairly serious matter. What I'm referring to as The Game of Illness has nothing to do with an individual's desire for relief from pain and suffering. It is the wrong imposition of ignorance by a health professional, onto the suffering individual. Most professionals are innocently unaware of what they are doing regarding this matter, since the way they were trained was to focus the patient exclusively on the treatment of their symptoms. The entire medical model is designed to only treat symptoms, not to bring a health problem to true solution. In other words, to bring temporary relief to the end resulting effect, while leaving all levels of cause intact.

Probably the greatest mistake in the world of health and disease is the false perception that some mysterious force exists that is continually attempting to destroy the human body. Yet, the body has been brilliantly programmed to maintain itself and to heal itself when it gets damaged. The body only seems to be in a perpetual state of self-destruct. In reality, it is we who are in a state of self-destruct. It is we who make the conscious choices that destroy the body.

So what is the true solution to what appears to be a complex dilemma? The answer can be found in this one very simple concept: “If the body were given a voice, allowing it to be heard, what would be its request?

The most valuable result of all my research was the discovery and interpretation of the desires of the human body. This interpretation, and the resulting solutions I have now built into what I call The 35 For Life Body Chemistry Support System. This is a system of complete support for the wisdom of your body that will allow it to brilliantly normalize its functions, and to heal the damages as it did when you were a child. Unlike the targeted treatment of symptoms, Body Chemistry Support replaces our normally self-destructive habits with more supportive lifestyle habits, allowing the body to then normalize its functions, as only the body is able to do. The starting point for this whole process must begin with education. If we don't know better, we can't do better.

The information in this site is here for your support. It is being developed to help you to eliminate the fear the world has attached to the subject of disease. With the information presented through this site, you will be given the opportunity of creating a level of health that makes it impossible for disease to develop within your body.

Ask yourself this question: “What form of treatment does a perfectly healthy person require?” The answer to that question is the reason you will want to learn the true principles of health and follow them. These principles are taught through this site.