Creatures Of Habit

Article 7


We have always been, and we always will be: creatures of habit. Wise teachers throughout history have described the steps in which we, as sons and daughters of God create our lives and destinies. They say the thoughts that we choose determine the words we use. Our words, then determine our actions. Our repeated actions become our habits, and our habits crystallize into our character and our physical expressions. So you see, a person's destiny is simply the result of continually expressing his or her lifestyle habits.

Considering health and disease, nothing could be more obvious or as simple as the fact that your body is literally the physical expression of your lifestyle habits.

The more we learn about the principles of health and disease the clearer it becomes that we are not being destroyed by some mysterious force, but simply by our own lifestyle habits.

The greatest secret behind the success or failure of every endeavor is the power of lifestyle habits. As we all know, today and tomorrow won't be much different from yesterday and the day before, because of our lifestyle habits. What we have habitually done in the past, we will habitually do in the future. There is only one way for this to ever be different. We must consciously choose to let go of the habits that don't work for us, and commit to developing new habits that will work for us. Lifestyle habits are literally the crystallizing force that not only creates the function and structure of our bodies, but they are the crystallizing force we use to create every circumstance of our lives.

To perform daily activities from well-established lifestyle habits is almost effortless, but we have all proven to ourselves that when we attempt to transform our lives too rapidly, we soon become exhausted and discouraged, and fall back into our old lifestyle habits.

There is only one workable, dependable solution. We know that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Therefore, if a person were to commit to consciously following one small lifestyle improvement for 21 days, by the end of the 21 days, it would then feel natural to continue following this lifestyle improvement. If every 21 days, a person were to commit themselves to adding one more, simple lifestyle improvement, in a year, 17 powerful, lifestyle habits would be established. This would be the most life transforming process a person could ever engage in, and the outcome would also be absolutely predictable, because, by improving our habits, we improve our lives.

This is the power of the 20 spinning plates of progress. If you will begin by simply following the first three spinning plates, then, add one more plate every 21 days, in just over one year your lifestyle habits will be so supportive, you will be well on your way to reversing the lifetime accumulation of waste material from your body, the lifetime accumulation of damage, and you will be creating a level of health that will make disease impossible.