What Should I Expect Along the Way?

Article 5

 There is a certain path in life that many of us have followed since we were young children. Almost everyone we knew followed this same path. So, without knowing where we were being led and unaware of the dangers along the way, we followed. The path was exciting and enjoyable. Set in the safe-looking environment of parties, family gatherings and holiday feasts, the path was lined with lots of good things to eat. Little did we know that the path that looked so safe and appealing, with its pies, cakes, ice cream, hamburgers, tasty sauces and other fun things to eat, was actually the path to our self-destruction.

When the attention of a child is consumed in the joy of chasing a butterfly, he hardly notices how far from home the adventure has taken him. It’s the setting sun that stirs an awakening within the child. This awakening causes the child to realize that it’s going to be a long and lonely walk home.

The point on the path of self-destruction where you were stirred and awakened marked the beginning of your journey back home to health. For some, the journey is shorter than it is for others. For some, by their own choice, the journey will be a little longer and lonelier.

There are different ways to prepare for the journey home. Some choose to study a map and plan every detail to ensure themselves of the shortest and safest route. Their wise planning lets them know what to expect along the way. Others feel content to just “wing it.” Maybe they’ll arrive at their destination, maybe they won’t. Most will not. And for those who “wing it” they have little idea about what they can expect along the way.

The journey home to health begins with one step followed by another. Instead of a journey of distance, this is a journey of time and consistent work. This work will remove from the body a lifetime accumulation of the toxic waste materials of which degenerative disease is made. It will also allow for the restoration of energy needed to heal the accumulative damage the body lacked the energy to heal.

Two strong influences behind all degenerative disease are nutritional deficiencies and the accumulation of toxic waste material within the body. While addressing all the nutritional needs of the body through diet and supplementation, it’s also important for you to understand exactly what is meant when we speak of toxic accumulations. Toxic accumulations are the chemicals, metals, undigested food residues, the wastes from cellular metabolism, parasite waste and the accumulation of dead tissue cells all stored within the organs and tissues.

While we are saturating the fluids surrounding our tissue cells with these wastes, our body is unable to eliminate them and we end up very fatigued. Fatigue occurs as a result of poisoning and compromising the body’s energy production systems. Although this isn’t considered a disease, this process is referred to as autointoxication and lays the foundation upon which every degenerative disease is built.

When there is discomfort or “dis-ease” in the body caused by this accumulated toxic waste material, nearly everyone prefers to just stop the pain or get relief from the discomfort as quickly as possible. There is a major difference between treating symptoms and eliminating a lifetime accumulation of the toxic substances from the body. To understand this difference, it is essential that we refer to the principle of cause and effect.

A symptom is always the effect of one or more causes. Therefore, to treat or remove an effect without correcting the cause can only provide temporary relief. There are few exceptions to this rule regarding disease. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t seek relief from the discomfort of a symptom. By all means, seeking a treatment that will reduce pain or discomfort should be your first step. Then, as soon as possible, continue with the steps that will support your body in eliminating the causes. This is what the 35 For LifeBody Chemistry Support System is all about. It is the support system needed for the body to reverse its accumulation of disease-production toxic waste and to heal the accumulated damages.

As you embark on your homeward journey to health, there are many things you will need to be aware of and to expect along the way. The most important is the value of keeping the intestinal tract moving and to produce at least three bowel movements a day. When you get headaches or feel tired, you are most likely being poisoned by whatever is in your colon. At least 90% of all problems experienced during the reversal process can be avoided if the bowel is kept moving and the Detox Spas are taken twice every week.

The average health conscious person has enough poison stored in their liver and among their tissue cells to kill at least a dozen people; were this volume of poison injected directly into their blood streams. We remain alive only because of the body’s brilliant ability to safely store this poison. Think back to the last time you had a really tough flu. For survival, your body was simply releasing the excess toxic waste it desperately needed to get rid of, in order to normalize your health.

When a person is involved in a complete detoxification process such as we are talking about, it is important to be mindful of the need to eliminate the harmful materials that are:

. stored in the liver,
. Trapped among the tissues of the body,
. saturating the lymphatic system,
. caked on the arterial walls,
. caked on the colon walls,
. present in the blood stream, due to exposure to chemicals, metals, and other environmental pollutants, as well as the bulk waste from the daily intake of processed and foodless foods.

Two very important substances needing to be eliminated from the body are the toxic metals and excess proteins. If you happen to have a very backed up system, this information is vital for you to know about. By takingEspecially For Liver and Kidneys, the liver and kidneys are assisted in cleansing themselves, thereby releasing copper, aluminum and other metals, as well as other toxic waste materials through the bowel and urinary tract. Improving the elimination of aluminum through the kidneys also helps the transfer of aluminum from storage site within the brain. The removal of aluminum from the brain can also improve memory.

Copper and other metals are eliminated from the liver into the intestinal tract. Copper is constipating, therefore, it is important to keep the bowel moving freely as the liver begins to release copper. Some of the effects of these metals, especially copper, are severe mood swings, headaches, insomnia, hair loss, adult acne and anxiety. When any of these symptoms are experienced while following the 35 For Life Body Chemistry Support System, it simply indicates the need for more consistency with the intestinal flow and your Detox Spas.

Protein is a serious nutritional issue. The objective is to deliver a sufficient quantity of complete protein into the blood stream without poisoning the body with an excess amount of undigested protein residues. The consistent use of Primagest simplifies this concern. You will also find Essential Light to be helpful, as it is a vegetarian source of complete protein.

Have you taken drugs or prescription medications in the past? If so, realize that while you are detoxifying, the time will come when these drugs will be released from tissue storage sites and begin to saturate your blood stream. Depending on the quantities being released, the vitality of your body, and your body’s ability to completely release these substances, you may feel a little “drugged” again.

After about three or four months on the program, a person will sometimes begin to develop excess gassing of the intestinal tract. This is due to the breakdown and stirring of old waste materials in the intestinal tract. Don’t misinterpret this pattern as a new problem. To relieve the gas, take Detox Relief according to the directions on the bottle. Detox Relief has charcoal to absorb gas. Also, take six alfalfa tablets (from any Health Food Store) with each meal for the next couple of weeks. You may also want to take 3 Primagest with water between meals during this time. Taking Primagest between meals will put enzymes into your blood stream to digest food residues that didn’t get properly digested. It is part of the reversal process. You’re homeward bound. Stay on the path and keep following the directions.

Of all advice one could receive about the reversal process of total detoxification, the most valuable is this: you can be confident of you success when you follow a program designed to support the intelligence of your body in doing what it already wants to do. Instead of a program designed to ”fix” the body, this program is designed to support the agenda your body has already chosen. You can rest assured that if there is a reaction, there is at least a 95% chance that it is an indication of a positive step forward, no matter how alarming it may appear. It is merely a release of the old waste from the liver or the body’s tissue cells.

So what can you expect along the way? You can expect as comfortable of a journey as you create for yourself. Just remember, you aren’t traveling alone. There have been thousands who have very successfully made the journey before you, and it is the joy of my work to make sure that you complete the journey as well.

The intent for reviewing this information is to stress the importance of consistency. You must also be aware that, according to the vitality level of your body, it is able to cleanse itself. When your energy level is low, your body is inhibited in its ability to detoxify. When you push your body to its limits and use every ounce of energy to maintain your lifestyle, you can’t realistically expect your body to have enough energy to detoxify and heal itself.

The key is simplicity and consistency. The program is simple. When it is followed as it was designed, it works every time for every person. Whenever someone claims the program isn’t working the reason can always be found by asking for a simple explanation of how they are feeling. The explanation always reveals which part of the program is being skipped. That’s the time to remember the old saying, “When all else fails, just follow the directions.” We are supporting the body in its efforts of self-healing. To the degree the program is followed, it simply works!