Empowering the Individual Through Simple Truth

Article 1:

 Have you ever noticed in your occupation that the more you truly understand about what you are doing and why, the easier it becomes? Isn’t truth amazing! The simple truth is all around us because, by nature, truth is simple. Then, the intellectual mind of man comes along to “make things better”. When man is finished “improving” on the original simple truth, he feels empowered because he has now created a vehicle that is said to accomplish great things. The intrigue he can create in others with his new creation allows him to gain varying degrees of power and control. In a particular occupation, the more technical training and education required, the greater the control over others gets established.

The camouflaging of simple truth with mountains of technical data for the end result of gaining control over others is the theme of modern civilization. This is sad but too true in most fields of man’s endeavors. Ironically, the fact of the matter is, that the simple truth is what empowers the individual.

The primary purpose of the information I am presenting is to empower the individual with the simple truth by teaching you the actual principles that determine the health or disease of your body. These are the principles that dictate the outcome of every circumstance in our lives. Only by following these principles will we be able to make the transition from our rapid rate of aging and degeneration back into a state of true health.

To die from one of the major degenerative diseases of our times is a sad and unnecessary way of ending life; and what about the quality of life leading up to this way of death? You can be assured that life’s grand designer never intended for us to end our lives by suffering with disease. Dying of “natural causes” has nothing to do with debilitating disease!

The belief that degenerative disease is the inevitable result of living in our polluted world is misleading. It is easy to believe this misunderstanding because pollution does play an obvious role in the breakdown of health. The truth of the matter is, the direct cause of most degenerative diseases is in the chemistry of the blood, lymph and tissues many years before the symptoms ever appear. You may then ask, “But if this is so, why doesn’t my doctor warn me of what is going on so that I can prevent it from happening?”

To answer this question, it is essential for you to be aware of another truth: the purpose of the traditional medical doctor is to diagnose and treat disease, not necessarily to create health. Here is a brief story that illustrates a real parallel to the way traditional medicine is practiced:

A refrigeration repairman was presenting a bill to the manager of a grocery store where he had just finished replacing a compressor. As he handed the bill over to the store manager he said, “You know, it’s a real shame that your corporate bosses can’t understand the real value of paying me to actually maintain their equipment. You see, if you allow me to keep every bearing greased, and all the dust cleaned from the radiators, these machines will run beautifully for years, rather than breaking down all the time.”

The medical profession has a regulatory board whose purpose is to maintain the standard medical protocols for diagnosis and treatment of disease (that is, the repair of broken equipment). Traditional medical training is devoted to maintaining this status quo.

Is it clear why a person can have a pre-cancerous condition in his or her body chemistry for eight or ten years and still be given “ a clean bill of health?” This will carry on to the day a body scan finally reveals a tumor. The doctor will then make it official by establishing a diagnosis that you now have cancer!

From this logic, we can gather that a clean bill of health only means that the degenerative disease patterns have not developed to the point of being active and aggressive.

So, what would be a wiser way of handling the fact that every one of us has the foundation of degenerative disease well established within our bodies by the age of 30? As you consider that fact, consider also the following question: What form of treatment does a perfectly healthy person require?

The obvious solution for all health concerns is not a more diligent search for the elusive, magical cure for the symptoms of disease, but to learn the true principles that directly regulates the health and disease of the human body.

Creating health is the opposite focus from the treatment of disease, so it must be looked at differently.

We need to first of all acknowledge the brilliant, self-healing intelligence within the body. Then, remember that the human body is a diligent survival mechanism that is always doing everything it possibly can to normalize its every function! All that is lacking is the Body Chemistry Support that only you can provide for your body.