I’m Basically Healthy…

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I’m Basically Healthy… So Why Do I Have The Feeling That Something Just Isn’t Quite Right?

 In most cases when a person visits their doctor with complaints and ailments but hasn’t yet developed any form of degenerative disease, the patient is as much a frustration to the doctor as the doctor is to the patient. Many patients are told that the problem is in their heads (and they should see a therapist), or that they are living with too much stress. The truth is, there is a problem and the problem is termed, “clinically insignificant.” This means there isn’t a diagnosable condition, but the patient truly isn’t well. These patterns are real and they are uncomfortable.

Things are actually getting pretty serious in the body by the time a person realizes that “Something just isn’t quite right.” This is because everyone judges how they feel as their personal standard for what is “normal,” and this is cause for concern. However, what is alarming is to discover that what most people refer to as being “basically healthy” is actuality far from healthy.

Years of meticulous research has revealed the following cold hard facts about what is taking place in “normal,” healthy bodies today:

. The colon has at least one stricture, causing a recycling of toxic waste into the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
. The intestinal flora is imbalanced from the exposure to chlorinated water and antibiotics, causing the production of additional toxins that poison the lymph and blood.
. The colon has a thick, black, rubbery mucus lining developed to protect the lymph and blood from the contents of the colon.
. A condition of scurvy is well established, causing lesions in the arteries and a relatively heavy build-up of arterial plaque, establishing the first stage of circulatory disorders and heart disease, as well as the threat of stroke.
. The blood stream is loaded with fungus, chemicals, metals and unusable food waste.
. The gallbladder is stretched and overloaded with cholesterol balls. It is commonly found to be 2 or 3 times its normal size, causing chronic liver congestion.
. The upper cervical vertebrae are misaligned or the skull is pivoted on the spine, or both: a pivoted skull and vertebrae misalignment.
. There are eight round muscles located in the back of the neck, down the center of the back, and at the lumbar level of the spine that are at least in a mild spasm, contracting the spine and causing nerve flow restriction to the associated organs.
. The body is recycling fatigue acids and other toxic wastes from the colon into the blood stream (our fueling system) establishing the main cause for fatigue.

There is also diminished function of over-stressed adrenal glands, a stress-induced slow metabolism, and finally, the reduced efficiency of the several energy production systems due to stress-induced minerals imbalances (tissue level), as well as a deficiency of certain essential nutrients.

These are common conditions of “normally” healthy people. Things are worse for those with symptoms, and far worse for a person with a diagnosable disease. There isn’t a pill or a doctor in the world that can fix these conditions. So, what’s the solution? There is only one solution. The individual must take personal responsibility for their health and learn how to support their body so it can reverse these degenerative patterns. Only self-education and total Body Chemistry Support can reverse these conditions.

That is what this program is all about. So, when you ask yourself, “How long will it take?” consider where you want to go. Do you want a “quick fix” for a particular symptom, or would you like to reverse your lifetime accumulation of the substances of which degenerative disease is made, as well as reversing the lifetime accumulation of unhealed damages?

Another important question is, “How strong is your desire to accomplish this work?” The key to reversing your lifelong patterns lies in how dedicated you will be at consistently following the principles that will reverse them.

One Individual Shared The Following Story With Us:

“I didn’t have my first eye exam until I was in the second grade. Turns out I had progressive myopia (near-sightedness). All my life, up to that point, everything was blurry and I didn’t even know it. That was normal. I’ll never forget what it was like that first week I got my glasses. I remember going to church and truly seeing the stained glass windows for the first time. I was actually brought to tears when I realized how beautiful things really were.” When I started with the Body Chemistry Support System, I had no idea how blurry my health was. So, how could I know what it would feel like to be healthy? There was no way. I can tell you this though; Just like I’d never go back to being half-blind, I’ll never go back to being half-alive.”